8 July 2017

In his response to an enquiry by the Berlin office of The European Azerbaijan Society regarding the killing of Sahiba Guliyeva and her two-year-old granddaughter Zahra Guliyeva due to Armenianshelling of the civilian population of the Alkhanly village in the Fuzuli district, Bundestag member from CDU Marco Wanderwitz made a statement.

"This week innocent civilians have sadly become - yet again - victims of the ongoing conflict about Nagorno-Karabakh: One woman and her two-year old granddaughter died in a mortar attack, carriedout by Armenian forces out of the illegally occupied territories. Other heavily-wounded Azerbaijani civilians are being treated in intense medical care as further victims. We are very worried by this news about a further escalation of the conflict," he said.

"Only negotatiations can lead to a longterm solution. For that, any attacks on the civilian population have to end immediately. The current status-quo of a longer-than-20-year occupation of Nagorno-Karabakhand the surrounding regions by Armenia with the devastating consequences for the internally displaced people is no longer bearable. The United Nations Security Council has already several times demanded the withdrawal of the Armenian troops. These resolutionshave to be finally followed through with in order to avoid any more victims and to establish peace in the South Caucasus," the German MP said.